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About us


Uusi Kaupunki, “New Urban Collective” is a architecture collective from Finland. Uusi Kaupunki is formed by young, ambitious design offices: Futudesign, Jada, Pro Toto, Studio Puisto, Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen, Hukkatila, Avarrus, Kaleidoscope, MUUAN, LUO, AOR and Virkkala de Vocht Architects.

The objective of the collaboration is to encourage municipalities, communities and companies to use architecture and planning as a tool for problem solving while simultaneously expanding architects’ traditional clientele.

Uusi Kaupunki started its work in the spring 2013 by organizing two-day design clinics to find ways to improve Finnish towns and cities. Well-being in cities and in other urban environments is essential for reaching an ecologically sustainable level for living. At the end of the clinic each office presents a solution for current issues in the city. Visualized designs are an effective way to compare alternatives and togenerate discussion and debate.

The member offices of the collective work through Uusi Kaupunki but also independently on projects in Finland, Sweden, Cambodia, China and Uganda. A television series “Kaupunki Uusiksi” filmed by Finnish national broadcasting company YLE brought the design clinique approach into national spotlight during winter 2015.

Like to know more or you are interested in collaboration?
The email info(a)uusi-kaupunki.fi reaches all the offices or read more of the individual offices here www.uusi-kaupunki.fi/mista-on-kyse

Uusi Kaupunki on nuorten arkkitehtitoimistojen muodostama kollektiivi.