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Uusi Kaupunki
(New Urban) Collective
@Romanian Design Week

Uusi Kaupunki (New Urban) Collective with a focus on the Dream Hotel Project by Studio Puisto, is proud to present Finland in the Romanian Design Week between May 20th – June 5th 2016. Having a Nordic focus, more than 150 Romanian designers in the Main Exhibition, 7 international exhibitions and 50 satellite events taking over Bucharest and spanning 17 full days, RDW is the most  important design event in Romania.

This year Romanian Design Week will host five Nordic countries. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden make ”A Turn for the Better” to present local solutions to global problems. “Can parking lots be turned into buildable plots?”, “Can abandoned industrial sites be converted to vibrant city districts?”, “What does architecture for bees look like?”, “How do we increase public awareness in urban planning processes and how do we get commuters to choose the bike over the car?” – all these questions are to take “A Turn for the Better” by resorting to five Nordic proposals for liveable cities created by architects, city planners and urban activists in the Scandinavian countries.

The exhibition, presented with the support of the Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in Romania and with financial assistance of the Nordic Culture Fund, consists of the following contributions:

Super Cycle Highway project signed by Dissing +Weitling architects (Denmark),
• “2.5 x 5 meters” project by Krads Architects (Iceland),
By-Bi, urban beekeepers project (Norway),
• “The People’s Port” project  of The city of Helsingborg (Sweden).

A warm welcome to join us for the events in Bucharest!

FRIDAY 20th of MAY
19.00 PM
Grand Opening of Romanian Design Week @Pia?a Amzei

12.00 AM
A turn for the better conference: Architects and urban planners from Dissing +Weitling architects (Denmark), Uusi Kaupunki (New Urban) Collective and Studio Puisto (Finland), Krads Architects (Island), By-Bi, urban beekeepers (Norway) and Helsingborg municipality (Sweden) will present five nordic proposals for  liveable cities and help us all to make a “Turn for the better”.


Design Studio Puisto

Design Studio Puisto

Dream hotel is designed as an upscale extension to the popular Dream Hostel. The hostel opened its doors in 2010 and is located in an old industrial building in the center of the city and in close proximity of the Tampere concert hall. To serve the needs of customers looking for an affordable double or twin room, Dream Hostel decided to extend the premises with an extra floor.

The cooperation between Studio Puisto Architects and dream hostel started in the fall of 2013 after a workshop of the Uusi-Kaupunki (New Urban) Collective. In the workshop Studio Puisto developed a concept for temporary accommodation in empty offices and industrial buildings. This turned out to be a perfect match with the plans and premises of Dream Hostel.

The open character of the industrial building is strengthened by placing the rooms as separate units in the open space. Thus creating a feeling of being in a public park in between individual volumes. To keep the rooms affordable they are kept compact and accommodate only the necessary. Space to read, relax and meet others guests is placed outside the individual rooms.