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The transformation of the old industrial area in Lielahti into the new Hiedanranta district proceeds in steps. The City of Tampere organises an international ideas competition regarding the whole area, which begins this spring. Hiedanranta has been recognised as a good area for housing because the shore of the lake, Lielahti manor and the area’s industrial history provide a good starting point for the development of the area. In order to create new jobs in the area and to determine the goals for the competition, Nordic Works architect collective created four futures visions for Hiedanranta based on the ideas of local entrepreneurs and representatives of industry and commerce.

In the workshop preparing for the ideas competition, we explored the type of environment that will attract financial activity, jobs and production and feeds new innovations. Four member offices of Nordic Works worked for two days at Lielahti manor together with representatives of industry and commerce, entrepreneurs, other active players and construction experts to refine the ideas from the workshop into four futures visions.

The workshop was organised in collaboration by the City of Tampere, the architect collective Nordic Works and Kuowi Oy.

Photos from the workshop: Meri Lampinen, Kuowi Oy
‘Väliaikainen Hiedanranta’ website http://valiaikainenhiedanranta.fi/in-english

For more information:
Hiedanranta lifeguards Reijo and Reska
Reijo Väliharju, Development Director, City of Tampere
Reino Pulkkinen, Project Development Director, City of Tampere


Event arrangements:
Riina Pulkkinen, Head of Urban Design, Kuowi Oy. riina@kuowi | +358407080178
Inari Virkkala, Architect, inari@uusi-kaupunki.fi | +358405741926
Photos on the page: Meri Lampinen / Kuowi

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