NEW MYLLYPURO 12.10. & 2.11.2017

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Welcome to the workshop on 12.10.! The results will be presented on 2.11.

A participatory architecture workshop is organised in Myllypuro’s resident house Mylläri on 12.10.2017. The New Myllypuro! workshop seeks new ideas and perspectives on the development of Myllypuro. Metropolia’s arrival in Myllypuro means around 6 000 students and 500 new jobs. How could the city and the campus work together for a common goal in the future? How could collaboration be seen in the city? The event is organised by Nordic Works, a collective of young architects, together with the Live Baltic Campus (Interreg Central Baltic) project run by Metropolia as well as the City of Helsinki.

The purpose of the workshop is to demonstrate that urban planning can enhance the vitality of Myllypuro and even small changes can result in better urban environments. In the workshop, we will discuss how the accessibility of Myllypuro can be improved and how the surroundings can be developed from the point of view of physical and mental wellbeing. How can city residents and students benefit from one another? In addition, we will explore what kind of housing should be built in Myllypuro and could Myllypuro be the model district of start-ups and resident-oriented entrepreneurship. And what would happen if Helsinki Vocational College also moved to Myllypuro and how could a change in the fields taught in Metropolia affect the future of Myllypuro?

The aim of the participatory workshop is to make designers’ work more visible as well as to encourage Myllypuro residents to engage in a dialogue with the designers. Come share your own idea about a place in Myllypuro that needs developing! You can also take part in the workshop online on the Nordic Works website.

Thursday 12.10.

10 am–6 pm Interactive planning in the workshop with the public and local experts. The planning team of each location will explore the location on the spot for a couple of hours during the day. There is an architect on call throughout the workshop, so come share your ideas!

Thursday 02.11.

3–5 pm Concluding the workshop: a public presentation event of the results of the workshop. Location: Resident house Mylläri.

Come listen and comment!

Myllypuro Loop


Myllypuro City Campus


Myllypuro Space Mill

Arkkitehdit Rudanko + Kankkunen

Myllypuro Living Green

Studio Puisto

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