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New Rakokivi development plan

In cooperation with the City of Lahti, Nordic Works organised an urban event in which the future of Rakokivi business centre was outlined together with the residents and other players in the area. An illustrative development plan was made based on the ideas collected in the event and published in December 2017. The development plan is utilised in the area’s planning. The urban event is a follow-up to a development survey made in 2016 on Rakokivi business centre whose ideas are now carried out.

The development plan made based on the New Rakokivi urban event and earlier surveys creates a future vision of an active and vivid Rakokivi as well as an enjoyable market area which becomes the focal point of Nastola’s events where residents come to meet one another. A central part of the plan is supplementary construction of the Rakokivi area that makes the current sparsely built streets denser, Rakokiventie in particular. It also creates opportunities for businesses and services to prosper as the flow of customers increases. The suggested housing solutions to be built around the business centre have ranged from small-scale townhouses to a landmark-like hybrid building combining service construction and commercial spaces.

Presently, cars and residents have to fight for the same market square, and as result, the market does not service either group properly. For events to be organised, the amount of parking spaces needs to be reduced, which, on the other hand, reduces the clientele of businesses. Traffic and pedestrians cross paths dangerously in many places, and residents do not find spending time alongside the heavily trafficked Rakokiventie very pleasant. The suggested plan solves the problem by situating the market activities close to the new Toritie in the lower market square. Locating the new multipurpose building close to the market square is essential for the future of the Rakokivi area. The multipurpose building is situated in the close proximity of the new market with a library and main entrance opening out to the market. This brings life to the area also in the evening hours, which makes the area currently considered unsafe feel safer. A commercial space extension has been suggested to be built in the west end of the market square, which develops the K-Market building towards a shopping centre-like attraction with its cafés and stores opening out to the market square. In the intersection of Rakokiventie and the new Toritie, we designed a six-storey landmark-like tower that accommodates senior housing, commercial space and rental communal space as well as a skate park at the street level.

The current market is developed towards a green park with businesses, shops and the new lower market only short walk away. As cars no longer fight for the same market space, various activities can be situated in the new market to enliven the outdoor space, such as a stage for performances, market stalls for local producers, a playground, an outdoor gym, park trees and a climbable ‘Rakokivi’ sculpture. The market area and the surrounding buildings are lit up with an atmospheric lighting, which makes the new market a pleasant and safe place also in the evenings.

New Rakokivi Development Plan

AOR, Muuan, R + K, Studio Puisto

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