A New Kangasala Market!

New Kangasala workshop (16.–18.9.2015), organised by Nordic Works and the Municipality of Kangasala proved to be a great success.

In the workshop, design office MUUAN [linkki?] explored potential ways of generating new life at Kangasala market which serves as the focal point of the town. Does the current use of the square as a parking space for cars fit the image Kangasala wants to present of itself? After the workshop, MUUAN continued to refine the idea into a general plan [linkki?] that was finished at the end of 2016.

In the general plan of Kangasala Market, we visioned new activities in the market area that bring new life to the whole city centre and developed commercial functions to better meet the needs of the current and future players. The plan includes recreational spaces for children, youth and adults as well as a covered multipurpose space and the Market Hall with its many services. In addition, communal service models have been included in the general plan of the market area and the public art’s role in the urban environment has been increased.

The Kangasala Market project together with other ideas from the New Kangasala workshop has created an exciting buzz [linkki?] in Kangasala. Many new things are happening in the city centre; the swimming hall is being extended, a hotel is being planned, a travel centre is being constructed, and so on. Nordic Works is excited to see the kind of multiplier effect the amazing workshop will produce in the end!