A New School!

As a result of winning an architecture competition, Nordic Works office Architects Rudanko+Kankkunen together with AFKS Architects are planning the school of the future in Sipoonlahti. They have been working for almost a year in interaction with learners and other users of the space. A partner from the office, Anssi shares his thoughts on the new learning environment in the school’s blog.

In the summer of 2014, Nordic Works organised an interactive planning workshop in Sipoo’s Söderkulla. Ever since the workshop, Söderkulla has become an increasingly vivid village close to the metropolitan area, and Nordic Works offices R+K and Futudesing have taken part in the continued planning. The teams of Hilla and Anssi from R+K have planned Söderkulla’s central housing quarter and Sipoonlahti School. Futudesign has been developing an area plan concept for Söderkulla Manor. Being able to continue the work begun in the workshop with active planners and residents has been great!